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AwarenessWe are trying to raise awareness of Dyscalculia in the society and the education community. We want it being act in the light of scientific data on dyscalculia.

Early DiagnosisWe strive to develop reliable and valid measurement tools to diagnose dyscalculic children at an early age and to determine their performance.

Educational InterventionWe organize trainings to develop remedial educational interventions and so that teachers can implement existing educational interventions more effectively.

Parental InvolvementWe are trying to ensure that parents with dyscalculic children participate more actively in the learning process.

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Since 2017 We've been making education easy.

Our association produces every day to facilitate the education of individuals.

Our Representatives

About Dyscalculia Association Representatives and Representation

Our Goal: A global awareness and benefit

To achieve our common goals, we came together as a team with many volunteers, including academics, special education specialists, early childhood educators, math instructors, classroom teachers, and psychological assistance and counseling.
Our team keeps signing new projects and grows every day. We still have a ton of tasks to complete and areas to speak out.
We provide the chance to work with a capable and knowledgeable staff in the area of dyscalculia education! Our conviction that by working as a team, we can finally do fantastic things and significantly improve the lives of people with dyscalculia.

Studies & Services

Dyscalculia Association studies and services you can benefit from

TOU-COUN-SAY (Touch, Count and Say) MATERIALS

Educational material consisting of tablets that teaches basic math skills


Physical and digital materials that contribute to learning processes


Detailed instruction plan preparation form according to the curriculum content


Scientific studies and reports on mathematics education and instruction.


Useful Resources


Scientific Researchs and Papers

Our Team

Our members, representatives, educators, board of directors

Prof. Dr. Sinan Olkun

Lisans eğitimini 1985 yılında Marmara Üniversitesi Teknik Eğitim Fakültesinde tamamladı. Yüksek lisans derecesini Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi Eğitim Bilimleri Bölümünde…

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